Frequently Asked Questions

q. What is Kairos?

See here.

q. Is it complete?

No. Kairos is current in it's planning pre-alpha stages and is not ready for public use.

q. What license is it released under?

Kairos is released under the revised BSD (BSD-2) license. The full text of that license can be found here.

q. What were your motivations to create it?

Kairos is mainly a hobby. It was one aspect of programming I have never really experienced, and I wanted to know more about "how it all worked". In part however, I was becoming more and more disgruntled with the size and bulk of the linux kernel, and the increasing number of 'inexperienced' users with distribution fanboyism. As well, the idea of a system that does not cater to 'legacy compatibility requirements' are advantageous in these times.

q. Why do you hate {linux||$DISTRIBUTION}?

I do not hate anything, be it the linux kernel, or "x" distribution. You would be wise not to make assumptions about me.

q. How come there is such a slow pace of development?

At the moment, the only person working on this project is myself. I have numerous open source projects that I contribute to, and Kairos is a very large undertaking. I also have my own life to attend to, which takes priority over my hobbies.

q. What makes Kairos different from other operating systems?

Kairos is based upon the idea of rebuilding from afresh: creating something new from the old. In an effort to reduce code bloat, the codebase is directed at creating a fully scalable, x86-64 operating system. 'Legacy Compatibility' is not necessary any longer as software and hardware have advanced to levels far superior to that of a decade ago.

q. Where can I contact you?

My email address is hosted at by the username 'syntropy'. This is the preferred method of contact. Kairos also has an IRC channel on, come visit at #kairos-project if you would like.